In late August 2021, I will be joining the department of Mathematics at the University of Vienna funded by START-preis: an Austrian science fund grant that will fund my research team for a 6 year period. 


Previously, I was the principal investigator of a Swiss national science foundation grant "Ambizione" at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland, and a fellow at the center for mathematical challenges at the Korea institute for advanced study in Seoul.

I work in the area of topological and combinatorial group theory. My work so far concerns concepts such as amenability, finiteness properties of groups, and Tarski numbers. I have studied various families of groups acting on the circle, such as groups of piecewise projective homeomorphisms. My recent work has been focused on the construction and study of finitely generated and finitely presented simple groups of homeomorphisms of 1-manifolds. 


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